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High Legh Bowling Club welcomes new members

Getting Started at High Legh Bowling Club

Special Offer - 3 months free membership and coaching for new players!

Crown Green Bowls has been popular for centuries, and goes back much further than Francis Drake’s legendary game before he set sail to defeat the Armada in 1588. Its appeal lies partly in its basic simplicity - bowling biased bowls (or ‘woods’) to come to rest as near as possible to a target (called the ‘jack’ or ‘block’). Its subtlety derives from the fact that crown greens are not flat, and that no two greens are the same. Men and women can play on equal terms, and from their teens into later life.

Bowls is a friendly non-contact sport that can be played by all members of the family, from grandparents to grandchildren. It is also a highly social game where new friends are quickly made.

Bowling provides healthy outdoor exercise but takes up less time than golf or cricket. A game can be played by two players (singles) or four players (pairs / doubles). A typical game might take about an hour, but when playing socially players can enjoy a game for as long as they like and when they like.

High Legh welcomes those with no previous experience of Crown Green Bowls. You need no special equipment apart from flat shoes. We will show you how to play and we have spare bowls available for you to use for an introductory period, so you can delay buying your own until you are sure about playing. We sometimes have second-hand woods for sale. Our members are always ready to help and advise new players. We also arrange special Coaching Days at the Club from time to time, at which Cheshire Association coaches give guidance.

As you improve your game you may like, as well as bowling socially and in Club competitions, to join one of the Club’s teams that play in local leagues.

The outdoor season is six months long – from April to September. During the indoor season – from October to March – members can bowl in High Legh Village Hall or at one of several other nearby indoor facilities.

So, to summarise; Crown Green Bowls is a pleasant, friendly sport providing good, but not strenuous, outdoor exercise at a time of your choosing and at low cost. High Legh is a well-established, friendly club with conveniently sited facilities, modest subscriptions and special terms for beginners.

Why not contact our Treasurer, Jon Springall jonpspringall@aol.com

We hope to see you soon.

Outdoor Bowling Subscriptions

Novice Member Subscriptions

Initially we encourage new arrivals to bowl with us without commitment before applying for membership. Novices will receive 3 months free bowling and then should you wish to join the club, then you pay the pro-rata full membership subscription and £5 joining fee.

Free Period
FromToSubscription On Joining
AprilJune£22.50 + £5 Joining fee
MayJuly£20.00 + £5 Joining fee
JuneAugust£17.50 + £5 Joining fee
JulySeptember£15.00 + £5 Joining fee
AugustApril following£27.50 + £5 Joining fee
SeptemberMay following£25.00 + £5 Joining fee

Experienced Outdoor Bowlers

The subscription fee for new members who are not novices is £30 + £5 joining fee. This fee is pro rata if you join mid season.

Indoor Bowling Subscriptions

The season runs from October to March. The subscription fee is £8 per season.